Payroll for U.S. and Canada

PenSoft Payroll Professional 2000� is the payroll software used in conjunction with
Yes! I Can Run My Business�. Developed by PenSoft, Inc., it is a Windows based payroll package written in Visual Basic. It is very user friendly and easy to setup and use. The default license allows you to track 1 to 50 employees at the same time. Additional licenses may be purchased. PenSoft Payroll Professional 2000 can be configured for each company’s unique payroll to accommodate virtually any payroll needs, from the most basic to the most complex. It can also maintain payroll costs at the department level.

Your subscription each year provides you with the following:

  • A new copy of the payroll software for the current year (Supports USA and Canadian payrolls and includes both English and French versions)
  • Federal tax tables, USA 50 State tax tables, Canadian province tables
  • Free tax updates during the year
  • Free, unlimited technical support by PenSoft
  • Free newsletter